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Sr Business Analyst - Hydrogen Network

Universal Hydrogen

Universal Hydrogen

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, December 11, 2023

Aviation faces an existential crisis due to its climate impact, with no apparent roadmap for meaningful carbon reduction, let alone meeting Paris Agreement emissions targets. That is where Universal Hydrogen (UH2) comes into play. Our company is working to create revolutionary technology and supply chain infrastructure that will allow hydrogen to be used all over the world as a means of decarbonizing the transportation industry.

Join our team and take the lead in revolutionizing the future of carbon-free aviation! In this dynamic role, you will spearhead the techno-economic analysis of our cutting-edge hydrogen delivery network, centered around innovative modular hydrogen capsules. Your mission: to drive optimization across the entire end-to-end hydrogen value chain, crafting a seamless tapestry of interconnected trade studies, segment-specific requirements, and a comprehensive techno-economic model for the entire system-of-systems. As you embark on this thrilling journey, you'll collaborate across various functional domains and global locations, while also building analytical and simulation tools to support the company's decision making. This role offers a remarkable opportunity to make a lasting impact on the world of carbon-free aviation and gain an unparalleled, holistic perspective of the evolving hydrogen delivery network.

About the Role

  • Establish a dedicated function for designing and analyzing a hydrogen network, empowering it to drive comprehensive business decision-making.
  • Conduct in-depth assessments and optimizations of the end-to-end transport system to enhance the overall competitiveness of hydrogen fuel, exploring both global and local optimal solutions.
  • Scrutinize each facet of the value chain, spanning from the generation of green electrons to the delivery of hydrogen onboard aircraft (including the return of empty modules):
    • Determine target costs (CAPEX/OPEX) for each segment within the value chain.
    • Identify and trace sensitivities throughout the value chain.
    • Define critical features and attributes for each stage in the value chain, encompassing aspects like design for quality, safety, transport logistics, certification, and permitting.
  • Collaborate closely with multidisciplinary teams in engineering, operations, and finance to pinpoint and execute trade studies at the transport system level, optimizing the business case for hydrogen to achieve parity with fossil fuels.
  • Build analytical models, simulation and optimization tools to support the trade studies and company's decision making.
  • Construct customized business cases tailored to individual customers, equipping sales and operations with insights into the cost of adopting zero-emission hydrogen aviation.

About You

  • Proven expertise in optimizing transportation and logistics networks, ideally within the realm of fuels, industrial gasses, or specifically hydrogen.
  • Possess a robust engineering background and analytical prowess to envision the broader perspective and guide engineers toward achieving a globally optimized transport system.
  • Exhibit exceptional analytical capabilities across the spectrum, from crafting abstract models to actively engaging in hands-on business case development.
  • Demonstrate outstanding proficiency in modeling, coding, and optimization methods within intricate, multi-disciplinary environments using Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python, DBMS, ETL databases, and data visualization tools like Tableau.
  • Display a deep understanding of system engineering methodologies.
  • Showcase excellent interpersonal skills, facilitating seamless cross-functional collaboration with team members across different time zones.

About Us

At Universal Hydrogen, our mission is to fuel carbon-free flight and reduce the climate impact of air travel. We are stitching together the end-to-end hydrogen value chain for aviation, both for hydrogen fuel and hydrogen-powered airplanes. We are building a transport and logistics network that moves hydrogen from production facilities to airports over the existing freight infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly new pipelines and storage facilities. Our system utilizes specialized capsules that safely store hydrogen during transit and act as modular fuel tanks that load directly onto aircraft. We are also developing powertrain conversion kits to retrofit existing airplanes and enable new airplanes to fly on hydrogen. Founded by former executives from Airbus, United Technologies, Google, and DARPA, and backed by investors such as Playground Global, Tencent, Toyota, GE, JetBlue, and Airbus, we are convinced that hydrogen is the best and only scalable solution to truly decarbonize aviation, and we want to bring it to market decades sooner—by 2025.

We strive for a workplace that is open, friendly, and fun, while valuing focus, urgency, camaraderie, and maverick behavior in accomplishing our mission. We recognize that people have a diverse set of preferences for work conditions and hours that optimize their overall productivity and wellness, and both our cloud-based IT setup and flexible work policy reflect this. However, because we are building physical products, most roles will require working at our facility at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles or at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in Toulouse most of the time.

Our compensation and benefits package promotes transparency, equitability, and long-term employee well-being, while rewarding individual and team performance. This includes a significant variable pay component in the cash compensation, equity participation for all employees, 100% coverage of healthcare costs, and dog-friendly offices. As a young company, we are continually expanding our benefits, striving to provide our employees with the support they need to be their best both in and outside of the office. In the next few months, we are rolling out childcare support, catered meals, green mobility support, and private pilot (PPL) training—and we’re always open to feedback on what’s most important to you!

We know that no two candidates are the same, and we want to give you the opportunity to present yourself in the best way possible. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can support a great recruitment process for you—whether that includes off-hours interview scheduling, captioning/transcription services, or other accommodations. We value diversity in all its forms, and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply, especially if you share in our mission to decarbonize air travel.

Please note that for the health and safety of our employees, we require all employees to provide proof of up-to-date COVID-19 vaccinations and booster as recommended by the CDC (or a valid exemption).